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To our Padoca Family,

Thank you for being the most amazing community and making our bakery a home for the last 5 years. The effects of COVID hit us hard and we've had to make the most difficult decision yet. Sunday was our last day on the corner of 68th and 1st, where the best friendships have been made. Where we have celebrated every little thing together, the big ones too. Where we saw you show up for each other during the hard times, and show up for us these past few weeks, offering all kinds of help while we fought to stay open (THANK YOU!).

For now, find us instead on GrubHub/Seamless for local deliveries, order for shipping nationwide on our website, contact us for catering (we're still delivering!) and cakes for every celebration. We'd love to continue to be part of your day and know that this community will prove to exist beyond our store.

With love and virtual hugs, all of us at Padoca

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